I know how transformational this work is.  I constantly marvel at what women, like you, are able to accomplish once they have healed old traumas and released old stories.  Change happens not only from the first session, it starts in the discovery session.

Don't just take my word for it, here are what a few others have said...



I immediately felt relaxed with Kia and trusted the work we would do together in my discovery session.

I am very grateful to Kia for helping me to release a major block from my childhood that had been anchoring me; despite my own lofty goals and determination.

I was blown away by her enthusiasm, knowledge and profoundly caring attitude as she helped me delve into a deeply traumatic event. I really felt like she was on my side, which spurred me on to tackle what was uncomfortable for me to see at the time.

I’m feeling brighter, more positive and can sense my vision and inner resolve growing stronger every day.

I would whole-heartedly recommend for anyone to have a discovery session with Kia no matter where you are on your life path. 

Kia is the one I go to when I need a safe space to seek the answers I know are within me or to uncover the blocks that are slowing me down.


I went into the session open, but not knowing what was going to come up. I left feeling free, full energy and clear direction on my next steps.

I received exactly what I needed and MORE than I expected - mostly because of Kia's commitment to following her intuitive and guidance.

I cannot recommend enough and encourage you enough to hop on a call with Kia as SOON as you feel the nudge to do so. She EMBODIES warmth, genuine love and integrity.

The start to your breakthrough is only a session away.


I decided to schedule a Discovery Session with Kia because I felt that I needed some help with the total overwhelm I tend to bury myself under which leads to some anxiety and lack of focus!

I was a little nervous before the Session not quite knowing actually where to start and how Kia might be able to help me.


Kia immediately made me feel relaxed and she gently coaxed some interesting aspects of my life to the surface, which lead to some laughs and a few tears from me, but actually revealed a lot about me which I had not faced before. 

I am very happy that I had this session and can highly recommend a discovery session with Kia. I am already looking forward to another session with Kia, seeing her lovely smile and hearing her calm and nurturing voice.


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