May 23, 2019

£12.00 drop in, £60.00 for block of 6 classes.

Looking for a gentle and easy to learn exercise with numerous health benefits?

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi may be just what you're looking for.

Based on the philosophy of Tai Chi, Shibashi is a beautiful and flowing Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing. It is great for any age or fitness level.

The health benefits of Shibashi are numerous but include:

• improved circulation and digestion 
• better sense of balance
• improved breathing and relief of asthma type conditions 
• strengthened back and shoulders 
• heightened mental clarity
• greater sense of calm
• improved sleep

The overall effect of the exercise is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body.  If you want to experience it for yourself, why not join me on Fridays from 12:30 - 1:30!



Positivity Centre

Nashdom Lane



***Last class before summer break will be June 28, 2019. Classes will resume in September.***


June 20, 2019

£35.00 Friday Only - £111.00 Saturday Only - £125.00 Full Package (EARLY BIRD)

Once a year, the day is at its longest. And on that day, we shall reawaken and dance.

Do you feel it is time to come out of hiding?

Are you ready to call in more love to your life?

Are you ready to release what is holding you back?

It is time to reawaken to You, to your Light.

The Summer Solstice is a return to light, the light within us all.  This time reminds us that we are full of light as individuals and as a collective.  It is a time to reawaken to who we truly are.  What better way than to celebrate this time with movement, meditation, reflection and conscious connective breathing?

At the Breathe Move Love Solstice Retreat, we will first begin with a heart-opening Cacao Ceremony on Friday to align us with Mother Earth and create a space of harmony.  On Saturday, we will dive deeper into the themes of self-love and relationship. Relationship with your Self determines all other relationships.  Are your relationships as good as they could be?  How do you show up in relationships?  How do you show up to yourself?  This is your space to explore, discover and expand.


Working in cooperation with the powerful Solstice energies we will create ceremony around the stages of Deep Surrender, Deep Release and Deep Realisation.  You will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and reawakened to the light that you bring into the world.  Are you ready to redefine your relationships and fall in Love?


7:30 - 9:30 - Cacao Ceremony


9:30 Registration opens

10:00 What Gets in the Way of Love? 

11:00 Hypno-Journey - Journey to the Soul

12:00 Heaven & Earth Qigong and Meditation

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Meditation and Journalling

3:00 Rebirthing Breathwork

4:30 Integrative Art and Journalling

6:00 Closing


**Lunch provided by The Gourmet Dinner Lady.**

The Positivity Centre

Nashdom Lane






*Cover photo courtesy of Zbynek Burival, Unsplash.


June 29, 2019


Are you Ready to Take Control of Your Wellness?


With the ever increasing demands on our time and energy, women are becoming increasingly susceptible to all kinds of imbalances ranging from anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues and lack of energy. When you add into the mix the toxic soup most of us live in, which wreaks havoc on our hormones, we can often feel at a loss with where to turn!

I see so many women in my practice that experience these challenges, I wanted to create a space where you can begin to understand what is happening in your body, plus learn simple things you can do about it.

Expert speakers, including the Oily Naturopath, Emma Burwash and Life Regenerist & Qigong Teacher Kia Bing-Davies will walk you through some of the most pressing issues facing women’s health today.

This day promises to take a solution focused approach, leaving you feeling empowered to take control of your well being.

Topics will include:

🎀Emotional well being and sleep

🎀Staying well in a toxic world

🎀Energy and Exercise support

🎀Hormone Balance

🎀Diet & Supplementation

Through partnering with doTERRA, this interactive workshop will leave you armed with lots of ideas to manage your wellbeing, with time to focus on your own personal health goals.

The investment for this day will be £15 and is open to anyone who already has an account with us or anyone who does not have an account with doTERRA. You will leave with a rollerball to support your emotional wellbeing or sleep.

If you bring someone with you, you will receive a free gift 💜

To book a place contact Kia on 07496387028 or if you have any queries. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite below.


GreenAcres Chiltern

Potkiln Lane



HP9 2XB 

Photo by Vero Photoart on Unsplash


July 04, 2019


Do you have the feeling that you are being called for more?

Tired of that restless feeling that won't leave you?

Ready to align with your Soul Purpose?

Want to create more impact in the lives of others?

Desire to deepen your work as a Therapist or Coach?

If you are hearing the call, it may be time for you to train to become a Certified Soul Plan Practitioner.

Soul Plan is a powerful and ancient healing system that will realign you with your Soul Destiny by activating your talents and goals while helping you to understand any challenges that you may face. 

It works on the conscious and unconscious level and promises to bring greater freedom, connection, satisfaction, healing and life purpose activation.

This 3-day live, in-person training is suitable for anyone interested in their own personal and spiritual development and is also an invaluable tool for any Therapists, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Healers and Teachers as it will help you to understand your clients on a deeper level.

On this Training you will learn how to:
- Confidently read a birth chart
- Analyse your own chart and the vibration of your birth name
- Gain a deeper connection to who you are
- Connect to your intuitive and channelling abilities
- Look at different methods for healing and overcoming any challenges
- Give a Soul Plan Healing and Higher Purpose Re-Alignment

On completion you will:
- Be empowered to offer professional Soul Plan Readings 
- Be able to secure professional practitioner indemnity insurance
- Hold the tool to help heal and empower yourself and others
- Understand the purpose of many significant relationships and events in your life
- Have prior understanding of a new client’s potential issues as well as being aware of their possible talents and Soul Purpose.

**Online training - By request.**


Wycombe Museum

Priory Avenue

High Wycombe

HP13 6PX


A short 3 minute walk from High Wycombe train station.
25-minute train journey from London Marylebone.

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